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Travel With Me: Being Married & Phuket Night Market Inspirations

  This past weekend my hubby (yes we’re now married!) and I went to Naka Island, a Luxury Collection resort and spa in Phuket for a short pre-honeymoon getaway after the wedding.  We… Continue reading

Monty’s Sweet Potato Tart with Meringue

This is Monty’s second guest recipe inspired by the Winter season.  The first was the chocolate yule log with coconut cream, chocolate ganache, and fresh berries.  This second recipe is a rustic tart… Continue reading

Winter Wonderland: Monty’s Chocolate Yule Log with Coconut Cream and Berries

Merry Christmas everyone!  There’s something really magical about Christmas.  Maybe it’s the beautiful decorations and lively music that fill shopping malls and streets.  Maybe it’s the extra smiles and warmth in peoples’ attitudes… Continue reading

Fusion Spicy Kimchi Carbonara Linguine

Quick, easy, and delicious!  This recipe is exactly that.  You can whip this up in well under 30 minutes and with a bit of garnishing, no one would guess how easy this was!… Continue reading

Sichuan x Taiwan Inspired Braised Beef Noodles 红烧牛肉面

This past month has been crazy hectic with wedding planning so I apologize this post has taken longer than expected.  I instagrammed last month saying this would be up soon and thank you… Continue reading

3 Michelin Star Chef Heston Blumenthal’s Roast Chicken

After hearing the famous name Heston Blumenthal on Junior Master Chef last year, I was so excited to learn that he had created a tv series called ‘How to Cook Like Heston’ for… Continue reading

Crispy and Spicy Baked Broccoli with Penne

Recently I have been watching a lot of Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meals.  I was so inspired by his fast yet hearty cooking, it really changed the way I viewed home made food.… Continue reading

Home Made Oyako don

Last Christmas Bosco and I went to Kyoto and met up with my Japanese friend Yui. She brought us to the restaurant where shabu shabu was invented, introduced us to the traditions of… Continue reading

A Fresh Summer Garden Baguette

A colorful blend of fresh garden herbs and nuts spread between slices of tomato on a crispy baguette.  Basil and tomatos are a great combination; add in some nuts and garlic and it’s… Continue reading

Chewy Kimchi Fried Rice Cakes

This was the first dish I ever made for Bosco and remains one of his top favorites to date. Every time I make it, he still clears it all up. This was inspired… Continue reading