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Hong Kong-based Vancouverite // In love with life // Can’t stop eating, cooking, and sharing // Madly head over heels for my hubby Bosco // Forever grateful for sweet and supportive friends around me!

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With our busy work lives, it’s so tempting to just eat out or buy conveniently pre-made packages all the time.  But these foods can be packed with unhealthy ingredients like MSG, preservatives, food colouring, artificial flavour enhancers, or excessive salt.  My mission is to recreate simpler and healthier versions of restaurant quality foods and to hopefully inspire you to see ingredients and home cooking in a different way.  These dishes are easy enough that you can still prepare them after work but tasty enough that no one will believe how little time you have spent in the kitchen!

I love cooking because it’s a way for friends and family to connect, be it through sharing recipes, cooking together, or creating memories over a sumptuous meal.  My cooking philosophy is that there is no right or wrong, as long as you like it, then it’s good! You don’t have to use the most traditional or tedious recipe in order to get the best dish.  Everyone has different taste/accessibility to ingredients/equipment/time, so taste and smell as you’re cooking, imagine how the different flavours and textures would go together, and cater the recipe to your own liking!  Having grown up kind of all over the place, often times my dishes are quite fusion; and that’s the fun of cooking- it should never be restricted by location, culture, or textbooks!

Being my guinea pig and food critic, my hubby has inspired and encouraged me to create this blog to further my passion for cooking.  Every week we go to the grocery store and brain storm new dishes to recreate; something we’ve recently tried at a restaurant, an inspiration from a recent trip, something we’ve seen on tv, or an old recipe that I want to perfect.  As much as possible, we try to buy organic ingredients and avoid processed/canned foods.  This blog is where I will document all my favorite recipes to share with my friends and family.  I hope you try out my recipes and please let me know if you have any suggestions/improvements, this blog is also for me to learn and exchange ideas with everyone!

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Photos by Jana Williams (www.janafromalabama.com)